Subject POLL: Who likes the partial row at the bottom of the TIB_Grid?
Author Jason Wharton
With the version 4.0 enhancements to the buffered datasets I am having to
make the "planned" extensions to the architecture but I didn't foresee how
they would impact the TIB_Grid control. So, along with extending the
architecture of the in-memory buffering of the dataset I am having to
re-architect the grid control internally to cope with it. These changes will
be transparent unless you invoke the new options that will be available.
Actually they aren't new, they are just finished up finally...

The one I am mentioning is the POS attribute param of the OrderingLinks
property. It makes it so that it is VERY quickly able to navigate very large
datasets for all data operations. e.g. Last, Locate, Bookmark, Refresh,
Filtered/FindXXXX, incremental searching, etc.

Thus, it will become feasible to port PDOX style navigational desktop apps
and achieve much better performance that would otherwise be possible. When
using TIBOTable it will be automatically supplied if supporting indexes
exist. So, no more bad-mouthing the TxTable component as long as it is the
TIBOTable component.

In the process of essentially rewriting the TIB_Grid control, I am realizing
that now would be a good time to consider some additional behavioral

One of them is to remove that partial row that hangs out at the bottom of
the grid. The TDBGrid has it such that it only shows full rows and leaves
the normal background color instead of part of a row. As I imagine this was
intentional on their part after giving it a lot of thought and
consideration, I wonder if you folks would like me to have it behave in the
same manner.

For that matter, are there any other capabilities that need to be added into
the grid? Now's the time to ask...

I will be anxious to get some of you involved in v4 BETA testing. I hope
those that are interested will let me know privately and I will set you up
with the new sources, etc.

There is some exciting stuff already in the finishing stages. For one, a
long sought milestone ever since starting this whole project! It's that last
item that the BDE still did better than IBO and now I'll be leaving it all
100% in the dust.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ