Subject Re: POLL: Who likes the partial row at the bottom of the TIB_Grid?

>big snip . .
> One of them is to remove that partial row that hangs out at the
bottom of
> the grid.

I'm partial to a partial row - it helps the user to realise there is
more data to come. I can't see any downside - unless you're a
tidyness freak :-)

Also . . with regard to the TIB_Grid checkbox . .

I sent you a .res file with the standard windows image of a checkbox -
it meant that the left and bottom sides where still visible if the
grid was clSilver. That did'nt seem to find its way into the last
release. Perhaps it now could - I'll send it again if you've lost it.

And. . . There was a thread some time ago about the mouse behaviour
of the IBGrid checkbox. At present one click transfers focus to it
and changes its state. To me - this is not standard windows
behaviour and it makes it too easy to inadvertently change the data.
Perhaps this could be changed so that one click on the cell gives it
focus and another click changes its state?