Subject Re: [IBO] InfoPower Components
Author Daniel Rail
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Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
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At 2000-11-27 10:01, you wrote:
>I am using InfoPower components with IBOBJECTS.
>I have a TwwDBGrid with TwwDataSource set to a TwwIBOTable.
>1) In OnCalcTitleImage Event I cant use indirect instruction :
> (Field.Dataset as TTable). , but I have to refer to Table with its
> Compiler returns Error 131 Undeclared Identifier : TTable
> As this routine should be usable by all DBGrids in the form,
>indirect reference should be very usefull.
> Do you have any suggestion ?

Try (Field.Dataset as TwwIBOTable), instead. This makes sure that you
are pointing to the TwwIBOTable component that your are using. Jason
derives from TDataset not TTable. By using TTable in this instance, you'll
compile the code for the BDE, which you do not want, since it increases
your executable's size.

>2) If I define Index using Editing TwwIBOTable.IndexDefs , how can I
>access these values in code ?
> Debugging Table IndexDefs I cant retrieve anything. IndexDefs.Count

Sorry, I can't help you here. I never used IndexDefs.

>3) TwwDBGrid - Select Field Box, doesn't show label Links for
>Calculated Fields. How create missing links ?

Are you talking about Calculated fields or Lookup fields. I never
seen the Links tab when only using Calculated fields, but I do see it when
using Lookup fields.

>Thank Adalberto Baldini