Subject conversion to interbase foreign key constraint violation
Author Stan Smeets
hello all

I am trying to convert some tables to interbase using TIBOTables
The test database is like this
table Aktesrt with fields code(numeric) and description
table Zaaksrt with fields code(numeric) and description
table Zaak with fields Doosnr(numeric), zaaknr(numeric),
aktesrt(numeric+foreignkey) and zaaksrt(numeric+foreignkey)

Because I also want to test the speed for the conversion I am
converting a table with about 80,000 records

While trying to run the conversion The first 3220 records run fine
then I get the following message on

ISC ERROR CODE:335544466

violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_ZAAKZAAKSRT" on table 'ZAAK"

I cannot undestand this message becouse when I trace
what is going on I get a zaaksrt number that exists

what am I missing?