Subject Re[2]: [IBO] Accessing interbase by web browser
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Well, right now there is FreePascal (Linux, Win, DOS, OS/2) with access to
IB ( Almost all Delphi Object Pascal commands are


WarmBoot Informatica -
Interbase-BR -

HB> At 11:42 PM 23-11-00 -0200, you wrote:
>>I need dispose a IB database for consulting in a linux server running (like
>>many php+mysql applications). I would like to know make this.
>>My structure is:
>> Customer ( with login and password )
>> |
>>Customer Information
>>If someone have a sample, please send to lfrf@... or

HB> If your Web application has to run on Linux, you will have to wait a few
HB> months to be able to write it in Delphi!

HB> You might like to look at Shiv Kumar's ISAPI papers, at

HB> Helen

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