Subject New subrelease of IBO just release to all download areas
Author Jason Wharton
For those using IBO (because the IBO list here at is still dead)

Here are some comments from the release notes that pertain to the latest
release of IBO:

11/11/2000 Sub-Release 3.6 Bd

I fixed two MIDAS issues. One had to do with the handling of params and the
other had to do with using the brief-case model and resolving updates.

I fixed a parsing bug that had to do with the Locate() method. It was not
resetting the escape sequences to make SQL segments with ctrl characters in
them stringlist safe. This is why it was slashes getting inserted here and
there. Placing the columns all on one line avoided the issue because there
were no CRLF characters to deal with.

There was an issue with the datapump in dealing with NULL's that I saw once.
I added a line of code to insure that the rows would get handled properly.
It appeared to have to do with NOT NULL columns being used as a source and
the destination considering it as a NULLable column and interpreting the
data incorrectly. This only happened when direct binding was in affect. The
workaround I used immediately was to add a 0 to the numeric column which
coerced it to a nullable type to that the null indicator would be maintained
by the API properly. For some reason the API ignores the null indicator for
NOT NULL columns instead of populating it with a NOT NULL value. I also
added some code to insure that the datapump is done within a transaction.

I touched up the behavior of the TIB_IncSearch control so that the
ClearOnExit would also clear the IncSearchString in the dataset so that when
focus returns to the control it won't simple make the old string reappear
and start appending key strokes to the end of it.

I touched up the TIB_LocateEdit control so that it won't get messed up with
the use of the NOTIME column attribute setting. It should ignore all mask
settings for the columns now.

I made the TIB_Script component/dialog a little smarter about ignoring
exceptions. It will now say Script completed with exceptions if there were
any that were ignored.

Fixed a Unidirectional dataset ColorScheme issue when acting as a detail
dataset in a master detail relationship.

Fixed a SQL Dialect 3 issue in the SetColumnValues() method that receives
potentially multiple columns and an array of values. The columns were
delimited by a semi colon which is also a valid character inside of an
identifier if quoted. Well, I wasn't paying attention to the quotes until
now so a column with a semicolon in its name would foul up this routine.

Fixed a BLOB handling issue where if a certain sequence of changes were made
in the TIB_Memo control and then the record was scrolled, implicitly
posting, it would not display the contents of the BLOB of the newly scrolled
to row.

Still had one more aspect of the SQL Dialect 3 master-detail relationship to
iron out.

Added the ability to quick sort a TIB_StringList based on the value in the
link or even a particular param value of the link. I used this in the
optimization scheme of full-text searching product I am working on for v4.0.

Fixed a problem with the automatic generation of "live" dataset Insert
statements. If the same column was referred to in the select statement with
one having an alias then there was an access violation when posting because
the SQLName instead of the AliasName is used and the two columns were
consolidated to one single param. Thus, a column count mismatch was
generated that led to the AV. I now detect the column count mismatch and use
a different approach that works as it should.

v4.0 preview: I added macro support to the Script, Statement and Dataset
components of the native IBO suite.

Happy coding!

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ