Subject lookupfields in ib_grid?
Author Kjeld Loozen
dear friends,

i use a id_grid to show the results of a ib_query. (readonly)
in the calcfields method of the query, i lookup some values of calculated
field. they are not really calculated fields, they are actually
lookupfields, that reside in tables in another database. thats why i cannot
use a simple join to solve this.

my problems:
-the displaying of the grid is slow.
- worse: when scrolling the grid, the drawing seems not be able to keep up
with the cursor movement. when i scroll down, some lookupfields are not
displayed, but blank.

this used to be a BDE application, and there i used lookupfields. that
wordked fine, and faster.
but ofcourse IBO must be able to do the same thing, and probably faster.
but until now, i haven't found the solution.

any suggestions?