Subject Re: [IBO] Mailinglist
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
The ads doesn't have to cost you any money Lester. If you log on to egroups
(, and choose to modify your ibobjects subscribtion to
"send me plain text email" rather than "send me HTML email", you will only
see a link to the adverts and have to double-click them if you actually
want to read the adverts.

I haven't checked this extensively because I'm always connected, but I
haven't noticed many adverts, and egroups never use my web browser. You
don't avoid the 3-4 lines plain text adverts included with some emails,
though ;o)

Your other problem of messages not appearing is also unknown to me. I
occationally had trouble on mers with a few days without or with very few
messages, but on egroups I believe I receive every mail instantaneously. I
do receive fewer messages than on mers, but I think that is due to only 168
or so people discovering the new address.

Of course, for the first time since I started using egroups, the service
has as I write been taken down due to maintenance for three hours. Oh well,
I can live three hours without IBO.


At 08:04 22.11.2000 +0000, Lester wrote:
>I do care about the adds, they cost me money. I have had to switch off
>internet access just to read the mail as every eGroup page forces a
>reconnect to get them.
>I have also noticed that having sent four messages in the last two days,
>only one of them has actually appeared. I think that eGroups prefer you
>to be online to add messages, costing more money.
>I was happy to use eGroups for kbmmemTable because I could leave them
>Web Only, and if IBObjects stays on eGroups I will have to switch it to
>digest mode, and contribute 24 hours late. I have to do something to cut
>my UK£200 a month call charges to internet
>Lester Caine
>L.S.Caine Electronic Services