Subject Re: [IBO] Mailinglist
The text only mode selection is not on the 'My Groups' page, I have now
found it, it is on the 'Home' page for each List you subscribe to. Since
I had connected to eGroups from refering sites, one apparently misses
the setup information and there is no reference to this in their on-line
help. Going via Jason's link had just added his list to may current set,
and I changed the setting on the 'My Groups' page.

Two eMails I have sent to IBObjects list have not appeared, and I have
had a similar problem in the past with the kbmmemTable list. In order to
get an answer onto the list at some times of day you have to use the web
browser interface message entry as eMails sent simply do not appear and
if you are trying to help someone out, the last thing you want is 3 hour

I have sent this by eMail and will monitor how long it takes to be added
IF it appears.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services