Subject Re: [IBO] Mailinglist
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:04 AM 22-11-00 +0000, you wrote:
>I do care about the adds, they cost me money. I have had to switch off
>internet access just to read the mail as every eGroup page forces a
>reconnect to get them.

Lester: Self-help is required here. You can go to,
select the Modify button for your account and set your message option to
Text-only. Then you will not get any of those infernal javascript ads in
your messages.

>I have also noticed that having sent four messages in the last two days,
>only one of them has actually appeared. I think that eGroups prefer you
>to be online to add messages, costing more money.

I don't exactly understand what you mean "eGroups prefer you to be online
to add messages". I can't relate it to what I do and all my messages get have to be online to send email...if you want to read and
answer several at once, do it offline and send your replies off in a batch,
as Claudio does.

>I was happy to use eGroups for kbmmemTable because I could leave them
>Web Only, and if IBObjects stays on eGroups I will have to switch it to
>digest mode, and contribute 24 hours late. I have to do something to cut
>my UK£200 a month call charges to internet

Perhaps you misunderstand. All you have to do to post a message to the
list is send an email to, or hit the Reply button on
someone else's message. You can set your account to be WebOnly if you
wish, and go to the Messages area whenever you please to read and respond
to mail or forward any of the messages to yourself to read offline. This
is also a lot faster than logging in to a newsgroup, if this is the origin
of your complaint.

Please visit the list's community site and see what your options are.

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