Subject Re: [IBO] Edit a field with an alternate format
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:30 PM 20-11-00 +0800, you wrote:
>In my BDE application I use calculated fields to present data in a format
>that is more easily human readable than the native format. For example
>MAX_AGE_DAYS is an age in days, but the user wants to see ages in days,
>weeks or years. In my BDE application I defined a calculated field
>MAX_AGE_STRING and OnGetText and OnSetText events to allow the user to both
>view and edit a string such as '10 Years' instead of 35625!
>The problem is, with IB_Grid will not allow editing a calculated field.
>No doubt IBO provides a way of doing something like this, but I have not
>discovered it yet.
>Can someone please tell me?
>Many thanks,

Use an inbuilt editor and have your EditSQL do the calculation.


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