Subject Re: [IBO] BDE to IBO Conversion
Author Jason Wharton

Hey, nice to hear from you!

I thought I had the TIBOUpdateSQL working accurately upon swapping class
names. Is it possible you could distill down a sample BDE form that doesn't
work upon conversion to IBO? I'd like to just make sure this works. I'll
review my own test cases as well.

If you plan on simply staying with IBO and have no prospect of going back to
the BDE then you will want to go ahead and move them and delete the
IBOUpdateSQL components. Otherwise, if you need to talk to something other
than IB you would want to stay compatible with the BDE as much as you can by
leaving them.

Look at the SQLEditor property in the object inspector. I tried adding it to
the right click but couldn't figure out how.

Yes, if you would, please touch up the code there as you did before. I don't
have a database kicking around with QUAD's to test with.

Send my regards!

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] BDE to IBO Conversion

> Jason -
> I've just spent a week working happily on a project to convert a series of
> BDE applications using HP Image DB to IBO and Interbase and I have a
> question, a suggestion, and a problem.
> These applications make use of TUpdateSQL. I added TUpdateSQL ->
> TIBOUpdateSQL to the substitution list in the Conversion Guide, but it
> appears that IBO doesn't use the SQL statements included. Should I
> to move the SQL statements into the TIBOQuery component, or is there an
> easier way? (Since the statements need to be converted anyway, moving
> does not necessarily pose a problem.)
> Also, would it be possible to add the ability to invoke the SQL Editor
> the pop up menu on the TIBOQuery component? I need to edit these
> a lot and it would save some time to right-click and select the editor.
> Finally, I think there is a problem in IBDataset with Quad support. (Is
> there anyone else using Quads? I bet there isn't.) I think the two words
> need to be swapped around in the same way that IBA_Column.IMP handles
> Thanks,
> ...pat