Subject BDE to IBO Conversion
Author Patrick J. P. Griffin
Jason -

I've just spent a week working happily on a project to convert a series of
BDE applications using HP Image DB to IBO and Interbase and I have a
question, a suggestion, and a problem.

These applications make use of TUpdateSQL. I added TUpdateSQL ->
TIBOUpdateSQL to the substitution list in the Conversion Guide, but it
appears that IBO doesn't use the SQL statements included. Should I continue
to move the SQL statements into the TIBOQuery component, or is there an
easier way? (Since the statements need to be converted anyway, moving them
does not necessarily pose a problem.)

Also, would it be possible to add the ability to invoke the SQL Editor from
the pop up menu on the TIBOQuery component? I need to edit these statements
a lot and it would save some time to right-click and select the editor.

Finally, I think there is a problem in IBDataset with Quad support. (Is
there anyone else using Quads? I bet there isn't.) I think the two words
need to be swapped around in the same way that IBA_Column.IMP handles quads.