Subject Interbase 6.02 To Firebird Conversion
Author jackdmason
We have a ubuntu server that we want to use for a Firebird server, have quite a few questions. Interbase is running on a Windows 7 server. We believe the actual switch-over should be fairly simple: backup the databases with gbak then rebuild them on the new server with Firebird utilities, and if all goes well, we should be able to simply connect our applications to the new Firebird server without changes to them.

But, getting the new Firebird server up has raised some questions. The new server is a 64 bit I5 processor.

1. For Linux AMD64, the requirements are:
a. Linux kernel 2.6.34 or greater
b. gibc 2.12 or higher

How do I find out what the ubuntu kernel is? (We are new to Linux)

How do I find out what the rev of gibc is?

2. We have 8 computers accessing our server 12 hours a day and a few others from time to time. These computers access 4 different databases (as opposed to a single database, and yes there is a reason we have 4 instead of 1).

Do we need Superserver or Superclassic?

Do we need the debug build?

Thanks for any help you can provide.