Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] Firebird "RAC"
Author Ann Harrison

> Does Firebird support multiple DB servers accessing a single storage,
> similar to RAC in Oracle? If one DB Server should fail, the other DB server
> is still accessing the DB to provide service for the applications.

No. Firebird has four configurations: SuperServer, Classic, SuperClassic,
and Embedded. SuperServer is a traditional shared server to which all
clients connect. Only one SuperServer can access a database at any one
time. The downside of SuperServer is that its threading model does not
support multi-processors. Classic has one process per connection.
SuperClassic is a shared server that does support multi-processors, but
each connection manages its own page cache. Embedded is for local access
to a database from a single client.

> Do you have a LINK where this may be answered?

Look at, though the question of configurations is so basic
that it's not covered very clearly - at least I couldn't find it.

Good luck,


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