Subject RE: [IB-Conversions] Conversion Interbase 7.1 to Firebird someone has had to have done this???
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Sent: Jueves, 16 de Febrero de 2006 16:21
> At the risk of being repetive. I searched and did not find a real
> clear answer. I have had it with dead end Borland and want to convert
> my database from 7.1 to Firebird. It appears from the posts that 6.0
> works but not 7.1.

We didn't research conversion from IB7, but if you want to try other path
than the one offered by Helen, you can try the following:

- start IB7 server
- use FB2 gbak (or FB1.5 gbak) and connect to IB7 using TCP. If you are
running both in the same computer, use localhost.
- See if our gbak can finish the backup and then attempt the restore using
the same version for gbak and FB (if you used gbak 1.5, try FB1.5).