Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] Conversion Interbase 7.1 to Firebird someone has had to have done this???
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:21 AM 17/02/2006, you wrote:
>At the risk of being repetive. I searched and did not find a real
>clear answer. I have had it with dead end Borland and want to convert
>my database from 7.1 to Firebird. It appears from the posts that 6.0
>works but not 7.1.
>I have to believe their have been numerous conversions. We have done
>it but we had to drop all our procedures and generators that makes for
>a painful transition.
>Can anyone give some direction on how to do this? with the complete
>structure procedures generators ect.Does Fb 2.0 work better for this
>kind of conversion than FB 1.5? We don't even want to convert the data
>just the database structure if that helps.
>Any help is much appreciated i have alread spent more time than I
>should of on this....

Abandon the idea of trying to do an "internal" conversion. IB 7 has
some system tables and other internal structures that Firebird
doesn't. There are probably other internal differences that we don't
know about.

The simplest thing to do is to extract a DDL script for creating the
database and its objects. Use the script on Firebird to recreate the
database and then use a datapump tool to import the data. If you are
using IBX you could roll your own, but there are already datapump
tools out there. Visit

for a free datapump tool which is the one that many people use.

I'm afraid I just don't understand the difficulties with SPs and
generators. What kind of problems have you had?