Subject Conversion Interbase 7.1 to Firebird someone has had to have done this???
Author luv2ski555
At the risk of being repetive. I searched and did not find a real
clear answer. I have had it with dead end Borland and want to convert
my database from 7.1 to Firebird. It appears from the posts that 6.0
works but not 7.1.

I have to believe their have been numerous conversions. We have done
it but we had to drop all our procedures and generators that makes for
a painful transition.

Can anyone give some direction on how to do this? with the complete
structure procedures generators ect.Does Fb 2.0 work better for this
kind of conversion than FB 1.5? We don't even want to convert the data
just the database structure if that helps.

Any help is much appreciated i have alread spent more time than I
should of on this....