Subject RE: [IB-Conversions] How to do basic Oracle-to-FB conversion
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:13 AM 3/02/2003 +0000, Paul Morris wrote:

A reasonably good summary. I hope you don't mind if I annotate it a little!

>PL/SQL developer from allround automations
> has facilities for
>exporting both DDL and data from oracle databases. The data can be
>exported as insert statements, which should work unchanged against
>firebird. The DDl will however require some tweaking, see below for some
>of the major differences:
>Table Definitions
>· Change NUMBER(n,[n]) to NUMERIC(n,[n])

NUMERIC(s,p) where s is scale and p is precision. Precision is not
optional. See also DECIMAL(s,p).

>· Change NUMBER to FLOAT

FLOAT for single precision, DOUBLE PRECISION for...yup.

>· Change CLOB to either BLOB or VARCHAR (maximum size for VARCHAR is

Change CLOB to BLOB SUB_TYPE 1. BLOB without a sub_type defaults to BLOB
SUB_TYPE 0, which is untyped. Sub_type 1 for character blobs.

>· Delete TABLESPACE clause
>· Delete STORAGE clause
>· Ensure all columns appearing as PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE
>constraints have NOT NULL constraint.

And don't define a column or column set as both PRIMARY KEY and UNIQUE.

>· Remove any schema qualification from table names (e.g.
>· Change any table or column names that are Interbase reserved

For IB 6, 7 and for Firebird: Change or double-quote any table or column
names that are InterBase reserved words. SQL-92 quoted identifiers are

>· Remove any table or column COMMENT ON definitions;

Enclose DDL comments between /* */ pairs.

>· Use ; instead of / to execute script.

Not sure what this means. Each statement in a script must be
terminated. The default terminator is a semicolon, but it can be any
string, provided it is declared using a SET TERM statement.
Within PSQL declarations, it is mandatory to SET TERM to something other
than a semicolon, because PSQL requires statements within procedure and
trigger declarations to be terminated with semicolons.

>These are known as generators under Interbase:
>GEN_ID(generator_name,n) - this increments generator_name by n and
>returns the new value;
>The following SQL will create a script to create a generator for every
>primary key
>select DISTINCT 'CREATE GENERATOR '||RTRIM(i.rdb$field_name)||'_SEQ;;'
>from rdb$relation_constraints RC,
>rdb$index_segments i
>where rc.rdb$index_name = i.rdb$index_name
>and rc.rdb$relation_name not like 'RDB%'
>and rc.rdb$constraint_TYPE = 'PRIMARY KEY';

Note that RTRIM is not an internal function: it requires that the IB_UDF
user-defined function library be present in the UDF directory and that the
function be declared to the database.


>Remove OR REPLACE from definition
>Trigger definition format changes from
>CREATE TRIGGER <trigger_name> FOR <table_name>
>Change :OLD and :NEW to OLD and NEW respectively.
>Hope this helps
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Todd Jonker [mailto:tvj@...]
>Sent: 24 January 2003 15:30
>Subject: Re: [IB-Conversions] How to do basic Oracle-to-FB conversion
>Claudio, I guess I wasn't as clear as I thought I was. Please forgive
>lax terminology, I am not a DBA, just a developer with enough knowledge
>be dangerous. :-)
>We need to clone both the table structures (= metadata?) and the data.
>The vendor of this legacy product is resistant to giving us (a
>developer) the DDL, so we have no scripts to process. If they do give
>the DDL, we will still need to get the data across somehow, and it's
>terribly unclear to me how to do that via an intermediate file format.
>copying DB->DB directly seems to be the easiest route. (Note that this
>should be a one-time process.)
>The HSQL tool used JDBC to read the source database's metadata, create
>similar tables in the target, and then copy all the records over.
>what I'm looking for now. I will probably try the HSQL tool again, but
>looking for something a bit more mature and reliable.
>Again, there's no stored procedures or other programmatic SQL, so I
>there's not much more to worry about that the metadata and data.
>On 1/24/03 3:56 AM, cvalde@... wrote:
> > ----Original Message----
> > From: Todd <tvj@...> [mailto:tvj@...]
> > Sent: Jueves 23 de Enero de 2003 17:03
> >>
> >> This is all well and good, except for the fact that I need to
> >> bootstrap the process by cloning the oracle schema (and data) into
> >> Firebird.
> >>
> >> Can anyone suggest a tool that can do this? A year or so ago, I used
> >> a simple migration tool that was part of the HypersonicSQL
> >> distribution, but it was a bit clumsy and had a hard time copying
> >> tables in the proper order. I'm hoping that Firebird/InterBase
> >> devlopers can suggest something appropriate.
> >
> > Do you want to clone only metadata?
> > Well, has a tool that can reverse engineer almost
> > script to the format used by that CASE tool. Then, the CASE can
>generate a
> > script for other db engine.
> > For USD 149 + 41, it's not bad. I've used the two tools for over a
>year for
> > my needs and it's enough. I don't need the complexity of ER/Studio and
> > this way, I don't need a live connection to a db. I can reverse
>engineer any
> > supported engine's script without having that engine installed. Hence,
> > someone could give me an Oracle script (I don't have Oracle), I
>convert it
> > with ImportER Scripts and then load the resulting file in Dezign.
>Finally, I
> > tell Dezign to generate the script for FB. Done. (I'm not associated
> > Datanamic; I'm only a happy customer.)
> >
> > C.
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