Subject How to do basic Oracle-to-FB conversion
Author Todd <>
Hello everyone,

I'd like to use Firebird as the development database for a new
project based on Oracle. The project is a (Java) GUI that interfaces
with a legacy Oracle 8i database (in parallel to a legacy GUI). The
legacy database uses no stored procedures or triggers, and few if any
constraints (even of the foreign-key variety).

Since I've used Firebird for other projects with great success, our
plan is to do development offsite using Firebird, with biweekly
iteration deployments onto an Oracle testing server. (This is an
XP-ish project.)

This is all well and good, except for the fact that I need to
bootstrap the process by cloning the oracle schema (and data) into

Can anyone suggest a tool that can do this? A year or so ago, I used
a simple migration tool that was part of the HypersonicSQL
distribution, but it was a bit clumsy and had a hard time copying
tables in the proper order. I'm hoping that Firebird/InterBase
devlopers can suggest something appropriate.

Oh yeah, free-or-dirt-cheap is an absolute necessity.

Thanks in advance,

Todd Jonker, Buzzhoney LLC.