Subject FB Stored Procedure Generator v2.3
Author Si Carter
I have just released a new version of my Free Stored Procedure Generator program, this new release includes the ability to automatically generate all the C++ code (using IBPP) for building a data access layer (DAL) and business object layer (BOL).  Similar in fashion to the C# library that can also be created.

As well as this it creates:

Individual class and list for each table.
Allow connection to multiple databases from within the DAL.
Built in support for database pooling (configurable)
Built in support for fail over database when connecting to primary database fails.
Automatic wrapping of generated stored procedures in the DAL, and in the BOL class.
My knowledge of C++ could easily be jack hammered on a pin head, so please let me know about issues with C++ generated code.

The latest version (2.3) can be downloaded from

kind regards