Subject Re: Queries done through ISQL must faster than in production
Author emb_blaster
Hi all,

I'm comming from FBSuport list to ask some that I've read from hB. Maybe someone can confirm this for me?

hb>> Some applications don't start fetching until the query completes.

You can confirm me this is by the components used to connection like IBX, IBO, Zeos, DBX, ADO, .Net provider, etc...

Anyone knows what each one (or maybe only some) of they do?

hb>>2. If you are running isql locally and don't specify a network string for it to connect, it uses the client that connects directly to the database. That will always be faster than a tcp/ip client connection, even if the host is localhost.

Also, this is also true to any "connection helper" like the ones already cited? if some yes and others no, Anyone knows what each one of they do?