Subject Abusers of this list
Author Helen Borrie

There is a creeping trend for people to use this list to advertise
their products and services. This is NOT what this list is for. This
list is for brief announces and user questions about tools and their
usage. It is NOT for publicising consultancy and contracting services.

Product and version announcements are OK, IF they concern tools for
use with Firebird AND they are restricted to one or two sentences AND
they do not contain promotional slogans or claims like "the
best...". Place links to URLs where people can find out details. Do
not try to get around the list rules by appending lengthy signatures.

Observe good list etiquette by signing messages with your real name.

Be warned: we are having a Blitz on violators: you will go under
moderation if we catch you. The "three hits and you're out" rule applies too.