Subject ANN: New version of InterBase/Firebird Development Studio has been released
Author Pavel Kutakov
Hi All,

SQLLY Development team is happy to announce the availability of the
next version of Interbase/Firebird Development Studio. For those who
is unfamiliar with this tool I want to highlight couple of unique
- The analysis of SQL syntax "on the fly" with syntax errors
highlighting. It does some logical checks also, like different number
of fields and variables in "SELECT...INTO" clause.
- Smart code completion, that is able to generate list of variables
based on list of fields in SELECT ...INTO and INSERT clauses.
- SQL code refactoring
- SQL code formatting
- SQL Debugger
- DB Designer with ER diagram support
- New to the latest release - ablity to automatically collect
undefined variables in SP and trigger code and detect their data types.

More information about Interbase/Firebird Development Studio can be
found at:

30-days evaluation version is available at:

Best regards.
Pavel Kutakov,
SQLLY Development team