Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Replication tool for heterogeneous database engines.
Author KIMURA, Meiji
Bonjour Jonathan,

--- Jonathan Neve <jonathan@...> wrote:

> Hi Meiji,
> KIMURA, Meiji wrote:
> > Is there any replication tool for heterogeneous database engines?
> > I have to replicate between oracle and firebird bi-directionally.
> You could have a look at CopyCat. Oracle support is currently in beta,
> but it will be available soon. Interbase and MSSQL support are already
> available.

Thank you for your information, I'll try them.
What version does it support oracle ?

I found other replication tool support firebird 'Daffodil'.

But it supports homogeneous only in case of using firebird.

KIMURA, Meiji.