Subject [ANN] New DBManager Professional 3.4.0 Enterprise Edition
Author COS
DBTools Software is pleased to announce the new DBManager Professional 3.4.0
Enterprise Edition.
This is a major update with plenty of bugs fixed and new improvements to the
application. See the details:


- Added Context Menu for Default Servers
- Diagram Designer (added option [Save] to table menu)
- Diagram Designer (added [*] mark when table is new)
- Implemented AutoConfigureServers on first run
- Objects are listed inside Namespace/Schema (If supported)
- Better support for SQlite Unicode databases
- ODBC now lists schemas/databases (if supported by the driver)


- Fixed View Selected and Double Clicked in Objects Bar generated error
- Fixed SQL Designer (Failed to added [View])
- Fixed Oracle not showing View Columns
- Fixed Firebird/Interbase not have autoinc on table designer
- Diagram Designer (Fixed crash when dragging fields and changing name)
- Fixed Diagram Designer crash when create new table and drag&drop column
with new name
- Procedure Builder accumulating error messages on compilation
- Fixed crash when connecting to Workgroup when no catalog is opened
- Fixed (Database missing when saving attached servers)
- Fixed Syntax error for INSERT MSAccess when column is image
- Fixed MySQL CreateIndex (missing columns quote)
- Fixed SQL Server Table copy did not SET IDENTITY_INSERT for inserts
- Fixed Diagram not asking to save before closing window
- Fixed Server Manager didn't show default database
- Fixed several memory leaks
- Fixed Server Manager Loosing some parameters when editing an existent
- Fixed Server Manager loosing typed group when inserting new ODBC
- Check ODBC Datatypes available when connecting (removed duplicates)
- Fixed Datasheet View now saves its layout
- Fixed Table Properties correctly shows foreign keys (PKTable was
- Fixed ODBC not counting table rows when required
- Fixed MSSQL missing quotes when creating constraints
- Fixed Form did not show image for the first record

The current version is now available in our Downloads Center


DBManager Professional is a Windows application for database management,
with built-in support for Oracle, MSSQL Server/MSDE, Sybase, MSAccess,
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, DBF Tables and ODBC Datasources. It
has all set of features which can include:

- Object Management (Database, Tables, Indexes, Foreign Keys, Check
Constraints, Domains, Views, Stored Procedures, etc)
- Query Editor and Query Builder with planner and debugger capabilities
- Database and Server Monitoring charts
- Diagram, Report and Form Designers
- Database Documenter (Printable and in HTML Format)
- Objects Browser (shows objects dependencies)
- Task Builder (to create complex tasks)
- Wizards to Import and Export Data including: Database Migration, MSAccess,
MSExcel, ODBC, Text Files (Delimited, Fixed), HTML, XML, Database Comparer
to synchronize structure
- and much more

For a full list of features please check

For a limited period of time we are offering a special price in our product
list, which makes it possible to purchase the Master Pack (which supports
all database engines) with discounts of 81%. For more details see

Best Regards,

DBTools Software