Subject Re: [firebird-tools] flamerobin 0.4.0 is released
Author Nando Dessena

S> I wasn't asking for help.

I thought you were interested in running FR on your system. If not,
what was the reason for your post? Were you just flaming us for being
so obtuse to add all those useless dependencies?

S> You obviously didn't read it, just assumed
S> something out of context.

please understand that I did pay you the attention and respect to
read, and re-read a second time following your invitation, your
remarks, and that I'm just trying to help. Please accept that I might
just be thick and require further details, instead of assuming that I
am not reading what you write. If, OTOH, you're just having a bad day,
that is none of my business. :-)

Nando Dessena