Subject IBBackupSurgeon 1.1 is released - new Basic and Pro versions
Author Alexey Kovyazin
Dear Colleagues,

I am glad to present you the new release of our product IBBackupSurgeon

IBBackupSurgeon is a tool that can be used to read and save data from
corrupted Firebird or InterBase backup files. To access corrupted backup
files it uses its own direct access layer. With this tool a user can
browse a backup file, select tables you need and then extract them to a
new or existing database. Basic version is enough to save data from
usually corrupted backups, and Pro version allows to re-use structure of
intact backup in order to read heavily corrupted backups.

Now we have 2 versions of IBBackupSurgeon - "Basic" for usually
corrupted backup and "Pro" with a couple of enhanced features.

====What's new in IBBackupSurgeon 1.1====

- New enhanced feature "Save structure" allows to save and reuse
structure of intact backup to retrieve data from corrupted backups with
the same structure (from the same database) (Pro version only)

- Increased export performance

- Now you can create and connect to export database on remote server
using TCP/IP connection string

- Fixed several bugs

- New licensing - now we released light version of IBBackupSurgeon with
basic features and cheaper price, and Pro version with enhanced features.

If you read until this place you can buy these products with 25%
discount until September 25 - just send email to sales@... with
subject "25!" :)

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions! Support email
is support@....

Sincerely yours,
Alexey Kovyazin
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