Subject ANN: IBExpert New Version 2005.08.02 ready for Download
Author HKlemt
IBExpert New Version 2005.08.02 ready for Download

Today we uploaded a new Version 2005.08.02
of IBExpert on

The keys for registered Users have been changed.
Version 2005.08.02.1 or newer require new keys.
Send your License ID to register@...
and the new keys will be sent to you asap.

The License Files were also changed.
Version 2005.08.02.1 or newer require a new license File.
Send your License ID to register@... and
the new License File will be sent to you asap.

IBExpert 2005.08.02

1. Table Data Comparer:

* Added possibility to select/deselect all tables at once.
Use context menu of tables list for this.

* Added possibility to save current settings into file and
load previously saved settings.

* Now Table Comparer resolves dependencies between master
and detail tables while creating of result script.

2. Database Comparer:

* Added support for new Firebird 2.0 features:

* Fixed problem with comparing tables when all fields

* Improved performance.

3. IBEBlock:

* Fixed problem with incorrect behaviour of ibec_readln function.

* Fixed problem with extracting triggers (ibec_ExtractMetadata

* Fixed problem with wrong paths used when extracting metadata
in SeparateFiles mode (ibec_ExtractMetadata function).

* Fixed problem with incorrect behaviour of ibec_GetFiles function
when working in __gfAppend mode.

4. SP/Trigger Debugger:

* Fixed "ivalid variant type conversion" error when debugging
some statements like IF (:VAR IS NULL) THEN.

5. Table Editor:

* In comparision with previous versions the NOT NULL checkbox
is checked when a field itself has not a NOT NULL flag but
is based on NOT NULL domain

6. Data Grids:

* Fixed problem with displaying of array values. Currently
IBExpert displays them as BLOB value, it is also possible
to see and edit them in BLOB Editor (in HEX format).

7. View Editor:

* Fixed problem with editing of updatable views when there
are timestamp columns containing nonzero milliseconds value.

8. Database Explorer:

* Floating Windows Manager implemented. You can make the Windows
tree floating using it's context menu.

9. Database Designer:

* Fixed problem with painting work area on two monitor systems.

10. Code Insight:

* Fixed problem with Access Violation when selecting more than
one table fields at once.

11. IBEScript:

* Added new option: -R = connection role (use only with -D option)

12. Many other minor bugfixes and small improvements.

13. Distribution of IBExpert Modules

* To be allowed to distribute any of the IBExpert Modules
(ibexpert.exe, ibescript.exe, ibescript.dll, ibeextract.exe
and ibecompare.exe) together with your application, you
-IBExpert Site License, if the distribution is located only on
computers in your own company
-IBExpert VAR License, if the distribution is located on
any computer outside your company

If you are already IBExpert customer, you can upgrade to
Site or VAR License and directly buy the 24 month
Extension Product.

See Purchase Area for Details

Some functions of the new IBExpert Modules do not work
on Non licensed Computers, so you can only use them,
where your IBExpert License is valid.

Customers with Site License are allowed to make them
work on every computer in their company just by
copying the License file to the path, where the
module (such as ibescript.exe) should run.

VAR License Customers may also integrate these modules
and the License file in their Software installation.

The IBExpert Team

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