Subject ANN: Database Workbench 2.7.5 released!
Author Martijn Tonies
Ladies, gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is happy to announce the next
version of the popular database development tool:
Database Workbench 2.7.5 has been released today!
Based on user feedback, there are several new
features, enhancements and bugfixes.

Download a trial at:
Features and fixes:

Database Workbench supports:
- Borland InterBase ( v4.x - v7.x )
- Firebird ( v1.x )
- MS SQL Server/MSDE ( v6.5, 7, 2000, MSDE 1 & 2 )
- MySQL 4, 4.1
- Oracle Database ( 8i, 9i, 10g )

If you experience any problems with this new version, don't
hestitate and either go to the website and send a support email
or email directly to support@...

- DataPump: ability to perform all transfers in a single transaction
and avoid a COMMIT if errors occured
- Right click code editor and select "Search Schema For..." will open the
"Search Schema" window with the selected text or word under cursor
- Ability to print SQL Editor grid and Data grid (Table/View Editor)
- Oracle: syntax check for package and package body in Package Editor
- Oracle, MSSQL: added syntax check to Trigger Editor
- Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL: "rename" implemented for objects that support it (DB
- IB/Fb: ability to view connected databases and users for SuperServer

- Added standard popupmenu to Trigger Editors
- DBNavigator: warning if there are pending changes when doing a "refresh
from db"
- Several enhancements to the SQL/Script Editor
- MySQL: ability to extract DDL for users
- MSSQL: ability to extract DDL for "logins"
- MSSQL: ability to extract DDL for multiple Linked Servers
- MSSQL: "not null" attribute editable for existing columns
- MSSQL: "identity" attribute editable for existing tables and new columns
- Oracle: fetching of function/procedure parameters faster
- Oracle: added "Extract DDL" buttons to User, Role, Tablespace and
Rollback Segment Managers
- Oracle: improved datatype mapping in Schema Migrator
- Oracle: has a "keep alive" function on connections so that Oracle won't
disconnect you after (default 15 minutes) a period of idle-time

- BLOB Editor: fixed error with not being able to delete data from BLOBs
- CSV import failed parsing particular CSVs when "first row is header" was
- SQL Catalog: "run" from the popup menu didn't work
- DataPump AV fixed when closing DataPump after closing destination
- Schema Migrator:
- migrating "auto-inc" columns to a target that doesn't support them could
- migrating constraints with owner-name-supporting source could fail
- possible DDL extract errors fixed for certain combinations of migrating
- fixed possible AV when migrating a constraint type, included with
a table, that's not supported in the target datasource
- IB/Fb: fixed specific parse issue in the Procedure Debugger
- IB/Fb: fixed DECIMAL/NUMERIC without precision and/or scale in Procedure
- IB/Fb: fixed assigning floats to INTEGERs in Procedure Debugger/numerics
with scale 0
- IB/Fb: fixed AV error after using Grant Manager and closing the connection
- IB/Fb: fixed an error with getting the check-constraint condition if
the condition had a CHECK( part in it eg: EMAILCHECK(value)
- IB/Fb: debugger would not emulate string truncations for [FOR] SELECT ...
- IB/Fb/MSSQL/Oracle: when recompiling a stored procedure/function, it will
reload the source from the database first to make sure it has the latest
instead of a local cached version
- IB/Fb/MSSQL/Oracle: duplicating a trigger and editting it before saving
would default to standard timing etc...
- IB: fixed possible thread deadlock in "Connections" monitor
- fixed error with case sensitive database collations and fetching
- adding or viewing "linked servers" was broken
- reserved words in view column names weren't delimited
- fixed some view-sources not being parsed properly when loading from
database resulting in mangled source in DBW
- fixed some trigger-sources not being parsed properly when loading from
database resulting in mangled source in DBW
- fixed AV error when executing a procedure multiple times
- fixed errr with executing a procedure that has no input parameters
- MySQL, MSSQL: sometimes, indices didn't properly refresh in the DB
Navigator when
saving them from the Index Editor
- MySQL, MSSQL: fixed a bug when dropping indices from the Index Editor when
other table had the same index name
- Oracle:
- fixed Alter Tablespace when adding new files
- exporting "clobs" didn't get recognized as string data
- couldn't connect to Oracle < 8.1.6 due to missing CASE SQL functionality
- fetching parameters of encrypted functions/procedures failed
- DBW handles encrypted procedures/functions more cracefully
- creating a package body via the editor could fail
- reported "% free" for Tablespaces was incorrect
- completely empty tablespaces would be reported as 100% used
- "Create/Alter View" without modifying it resulted in an "interface not
supported" error
- viewing Sequence dependencies in DB Navigator returned "interface not
- "dependencies" tab didn't show in Sequence Editor
- unlimited tablespace quota wasn't used in DDL for new user
- Package Editor retains "top line" position when switching between
- binary data now export to INSERT script with "HEXTORAW" function
- Oracle, Schema Migrator:
- migrating "image", "money", "smallmoney" to Oracle failed a
- migrating "datetime" to Oracle 8 failed a datatype-mapping
- MySQL: additional registered databases and registration options weren't
- MySQL: fixed a Schema Migrator error when migrating FK-cascade rule that
wasn't supported
- MySQL: binary data now exports as hex-string in INSERT script
- MySQL: fixed issue with NULL as default for string columns
- MySQL: fixed "Field 'Type' not found" when collecting table names for
in newer MySQL versions

Thank you for your support,

Martijn Tonies
Database Workbench - the database developer tool for professionals
Upscene Productions