Subject ANN: SQLHammer 1.0 Community Edition released
Author Dmitriy Kovalenko
We are pleased to announce the release of the SQLHammer 1.0 Community

What is SQLHammer?

SQLHammer is high-performance tool for rapid database development and
administration (RDDA) for Borland InterBase® and Firebird SQL Server.

SQLHammer's main features:

* Supports Borland InterBase® 4-7.x and Firebird 1.x SQL Server
* The newest paradigm of IDE construction
* Considerably new representation of database objects, such as
Domain, Table, Index, View, Procedure, Trigger, Generator, Exception,
Function, Filter and Role for work
* Easy-to-use the component tools, such as: SQL Editor, SQL
History, DDL History, DDL Finder, DDL Grantor, SQL Scripter, FIB
Monitor, IBX Monitor, DDL Extractor, DML Dumper, DDL Commentator, DDL
* Complete support of InterBase/Firebird Services API in the
component tools, such as: User Manager, Server Log, Server Properties,
Database Properties, Database Statistics, Database Shutdown, Database
Online, Database Backup, Database Restore, Database Validation, Database
Sweep and Database Mend
* Extralight grouping of objects in contextual working areas
related to connections
* Hypernavigation between the objects in the IDE
* Powerful customizable mechanisms of Highlighter and Code Insight
in text editors
* Provides an opportunity to easy expand or even replace
functionality using Open Tools API
* And also many other features which make the work more productive,
efficient, faster and easier, than ever before...

You can download the latest version from


Dmitriy Kovalenko
MetadataForge Team