Subject [ANN] DBManager Professional 3.2.1 Enterprise Edition Released
Author DBTools Software
DBTools Software is pleased to announce the new DBManager Professional 3.2.1 Enterprise Edition. This version fixes the bugs reported for 3.2.0 and add small new features. See the list of changes:

a.. Datasheet View redesigned to be more productive
b.. Implemented Datasheet Statement Viewer
c.. Implemented Datasheet Filter Operators [AND, OR]
d.. Implemented an Option to don't rename fields with blank spaces with _ (DAO Import)
e.. Implemented TableBar (Show Index Columns and Foreign Keys)

a.. Fixed Datasheet Delete Key while editing cell content)
b.. Fixed SQLIte2 GetTable (Check if table exists)
c.. Fixed SQLITE.X (detecting sqlite float/Decimal numbers)
d.. MySQL ALTER TABLE CHANGE COLUMN didn't quote column name
e.. Fixed Query Editor (not detecting GO correctly)
f.. Fixed PostgreSQL Field Default (Do not quote functions as default)
g.. Fixed PostgreSQL Timestamp Type (It recognized the type as VARCHAR)
h.. Fixed PostgreSQL Drop Column (causing ASSERTION when it was the last column)
i.. Removed Default from Datasheet (Avoid errors when default is an UDF)
j.. Fixed MSAccess Import (DECIMAL columns didn't import their values)
k.. Fixed Sybase error when selecting new databases
The new file is ready for downloading at the

What Is DBManager Professional Enterprise Edition?

DBManager is a Windows application for Database Management. Supporting MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, SQLite, DBF Tables, Oracle, MSSQL Server, MSAccess, Sybase and ODBC Datasources, DBManager has powerful builtin features, like:

a.. Complete Database Object Management
b.. Import and Export Wizards with support for Text Files, HTML, XML, ODBC, MSAccess, Paradox, FoxPro, Clipper and DBase III,IV
c.. Database Migration Wizard
d.. Database Comparer
e.. Server and Database Monitors
f.. Diagram Designer
g.. Query, Stored Procedure, View, Report and Form Builders
h.. Datasheet with support for Memo, Blob (Images) Viewers
i.. Database Control Version System
j.. and much more
For a complete list of features, please check
To know more about DBManager Professional check

Best Regards,

DBTools Software

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