Subject FBHook v0.3 now available.
Author Si Carter
Is now available from (

What is FBHook? FBhook is a simple utility which allows developers to hook
Firebird Client Applications into all/selected calls to FBServer, including
viewing each SQL statement sent by the client.

Whats Changed

Fixed: Problem when resizing main window, child controls are now anchored.
Fixed: Trimmed blank text from SQL when sent to Viewer (1370175).
Fixed: Speed problem when sending data via TCP.

Added: Buffer for sending TCP data.
Added: Option "UseTCP" to specify that FBHook will send commands via TCP (On
By Default).
Added: Timings in milli seconds for Prepare, Execute and Fetch.
Added: Option to show Execute and Fetch Commands.

Removed: Option "AutoConnect", TCP communications is now done via a seperate


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