Subject DBManager Professional 3.2.0 Released
Author DBTools Software
DBTools Software is pleased to announce the new DBManager Professional
Enterprise Edition 3.2.0. This release is not only a bug fix, but also
brings a lot of improvements and new features. Check it ot the change log:
New Features and Improvements

a.. Query Builder Completely Redesigned with plenty of new features
b.. Implemented Help for SQL Commands for each Engine
c.. Implement Query Naming in Multiple results
d.. Implemented New Procedure Builder
e.. New View Builder (Based on Query Builder)
f.. Implemented Queries for DBF Tables (Requires DAO 3.51 or later)
g.. Added Create Table for Task Builder -> Database Target
h.. Drop Fields into New Tables in Diagram Designer
i.. Implemented Workspace Servers Grouping
j.. Implemented Migration of Extended Objects (Stored Procedures,
Functions, Views)
k.. Implemented new MySQL Features (Triggers, Views, Information_schema)
l.. Implemented Object Information for Details View (All Objects)
m.. Implemented better handling for Database CVS
n.. Implemented Dynamic Result (Faster and Uses Less Memory)
o.. Improve Datasheet/Grid (Copy and Paste, Insert Error, Better Insert
p.. Implemented Double Click for columns in Query Editor
q.. Customized SQLite 2/3 DLL in order to show table triggers
r.. Detect TaskBuilder Changes and Ask if it will save or not
s.. Detect Diagram Changes and Ask if it will save or not
Bugs Fixed

a.. Fixed Server Manager Properties for Oracle Servers
b.. Fixed (GO Query Statement Separator not working when stm finishes with
c.. Fixed ODBC Date/Datetime Conversion (Invalid Datetime)
d.. Fixed Data Manager DO NOT use column length for MSAccess tables
(Numeric Types)
e.. Fixed Task Builder (Didn't empty tables before write for database
f.. Fixed Foreign Key Properties (Diagram Designer)
g.. Fixed Query Editor (Includes Quotes when selected a field from
h.. Fixed Table Metadata not Quoting Fields in Primary Key
i.. Fixed Database Compare now creates Stored procedures
j.. Fixed (View Properties not showing SQL Statements / PostgreSQL)
k.. Fixed (Query Result Export to HTML not showing default filename)
l.. Fixed (Database Compare now compares View)
m.. Fixed (Datasheet was not saving Memo Content when clicked on the save
n.. Implemented new servers versions (PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird,
o.. Fixed (Import Text Wizard not creating new tables when engine=SQLite)
You can download it from
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