Subject LLBLGen Pro v1.0.2005.1 Released
Author fransbouma
This week we released a new version of our O/R mapper for .NET,
LLBLGen Pro. LLBLGen Pro supports, among other databases, the Firebird
database and uses Carlos' excellent .NET provider for Firebird.

List of key new features:
* Full inheritance support.
* Compact Framework support, including support for SqlServer CE
Type conversion technology, map transparently any .NET type on any
database type
* New, easy to use, compile-time checked query construction mechanism.
* Map as many entities as you want onto a single table/view
* Polymorphic queries and polymorphic prefetch paths
* Support for SqlServer 2005 (no UDT's/UDF's/CTE's)
* Support for partial classes in .NET 2.0, design time databinding and
native .NET 2.0 runtime libraries.
* Much faster/compact serialization for remoting.

For a full list of all the new features or a demo download, please