Subject Re: [firebird-tools] UIB SQL Monitor 1.3
Author Henri Gourvest
BTW: you have to select the exe name of your application in the empty
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Henri Gourvest

Henri Gourvest a écrit :

> I'm proud to announce the availability of "UIB SQL Monitor"
> <>
> This tool show in real time queries used by an application connected to
> Interbase or Firebird.
> It is also possible to view and sort query's performances.
> This SQL monitor usually don't need you modify your application if it
> use an Interbase or Firebird
> library (gds32.dll, fbclient.dll or fbembed.dll).
> It also works with applications.
> Instead of intercepting TCP/IP traffic or specific component messages,
> this tool intercept API calls.
> Any feedback is welcome.
> Henri Gourvest

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