Subject ANN: IBUtils - new version of FREE IB/FB table links viewer
Author aleskahanek
I would like to announce new version of IBUtils - FREE IB/FB table
links viewer.

The application IBUtils is designed for simlifying database design for
Interbase and Firebird databases by showing the links between the
tables in your database visually, like some CASE tools do. Every
change to the tables in your database made by other tools can be
refreshed by one mouse click.

Ales Kahanek

6-Jun-2004 version

New features
- Reorder table fields - Table fields can be reordered (Ctrl+Up or
Ctrl+Down or by popup menu) and then the changes can be compiled (F9
or click Compile button). These changes are also logged in the
metadata log file if such file is specified for the database (in the
Registered databases dialog).
- Change database - The path to database or database alias of the
model can be changed in the Model options dialog. Note: When the
database path or alias match some of the registered databases, the
corresponing Metadata log file and user name is used for this model.
- Browse and export -You can browse table data (F4 or by popup menu)
and edit, insert or delete records. Also convenient export to Excel,
Word, RTF, HTML, DBF, TXT, CSV, DIFF, Sylk, LaTeX, SQL or Clipboard
is available.
- Better creation of tables - When new table is added or created in
the model, its height is automatically adjusted to display all
fields, its width is automatically adjusted according to width of the
longest field name, field type, field domain or computed by source
(which columns are displayed depends on the value of "Default columns
count" and other Default show options in the "Model options" dialog).
- Snap to grid - tables are snapped to grid while resizing or moving
within the model. Size of the grid can be set in the "Model options"
dialog. Relations nodes can be snapped as well. Snapping of tables
and/or relations can be turned on/off.
- Run Script dialog - you can quickly run SQL scripts against the
database. Run whole script or select portion of script in the memo
and run. The script is logged into the metadata log file.

Bug fixes
- The CreateRelationTemplate did not work properly - changes to the
template were never used - the default temlate was used instead. Now
you can edit the template and IBUtils will use it properly.
- When opening model with 0 tables, the "TProgressbar property out of
range" exception was raised. It´s fixed.
- The tables cannot be minimized to zero height. - The "Drop field"
or "Drop relation" functions used parenthesis in DDL (for
example 'ALTER TABLE "MYTABLE" DROP ...'). Interbase 6.0 does not
allow parenthesis in DDL. Now parenthesis are not used anymore.
- Field types NUMERIC, DECIMAL and BIGINT were incorectly reported as
INT64. It´s fixed.
- Printing to landscape did not work. It´s fixed. Some users have
reported problems with printing to A3 paper size. This should be
fixed too, but I do not have A3 printer so I cannot test it.