Subject Re: IBOConsole - remote access
Author davidalbiston
Hi Helen

My original reply seems to have got lost.

The server name works fine with all connections. I have tried a
connection using the IP address but get the same behaviour.

It's frustrating. The application works perfectly, all the other
functions in IBOConsole are fine. It's just the user security that
has problems.


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 11:22 AM 25/11/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hi All
> >
> >I am connecting through VPN to a Terminal Services session on a
> >server running a SuperServer installation. I have registered the
> >server as a remote connection in IBOConsole.
> >
> >I can view the users and their details but if I try to add or
> >a user I get thrown out with a database unavailable message.
> >
> >I had similar problems with backups until I realised that
> >was adding the server name to the database name. When I removed the
> >extra server name everything worked fine.
> >
> >If I cannot get this to work I will have to dump IBOConsole for
> >another tool which is a great pity. GSEC is too prehistoric for
> >people. Does anyone know a way around this problem?
> AFAIK, you must have a server name pointing to a network IP address
for a
> Terminal Services connection. And of course you must supply the
> user name and password to get GSEC access.
> What have you tried so far?
> btw, it's not really quite comparable with the BackupService, since
> requires the remote service_mgr to do remote backups, whereas GSEC
> (under the hood of the IBOBackupService component) connecting you
as an
> ordinary client to security.fdb.
> Helen