Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Re: IBOConsole - remote access
Author Achim Kalwa
Hello David,

davidalbiston wrote:

> The server name works fine with all connections. I have tried a
> connection using the IP address but get the same behaviour.
> It's frustrating. The application works perfectly, all the other
> functions in IBOConsole are fine. It's just the user security that
> has problems.

Yes, there is a bug in in frmuUsers.pas: Protocol is always left to
"local", so instead of a remote server the new user is added to local
server. If there is no local server...bumm.

David: I am not the maintainer of IBOConsole, but I can send you a
recompiled version of IBOConsole V1.1.9.6 with this bug fixed.

Lorenzo, do you monitor this mailing list? I could send you a patch. Are
you still working on IBOConsole?