Subject RE: IBOConsole - remote access
Author Mick Arundell
> Message: 1
> Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 11:22:35 -0000
> From: "davidalbiston" <dalbiston@...>
> Subject: IBOConsole - remote access
> Hi All
> I am connecting through VPN to a Terminal Services session on a
> server running a SuperServer installation. I have registered the
> server as a remote connection in IBOConsole.
> I can view the users and their details but if I try to add or update
> a user I get thrown out with a database unavailable message.
> I had similar problems with backups until I realised that IBOConsole
> was adding the server name to the database name. When I removed the
> extra server name everything worked fine.
> If I cannot get this to work I will have to dump IBOConsole for
> another tool which is a great pity. GSEC is too prehistoric for other
> people. Does anyone know a way around this problem?
> Dave

I've found that IboConsole hiccups when creating users on Fb1.5.n
I wrote a small app with Fib+ to take its place.
Because this is a development site I have several Fb servers (local Windows
XP, remote Linux and remote Win98 that is sometimes local - my desk is
monitored up). I always wotk from current machine to manage users wherever
server is. There is no need for VPN or Terminal Services to manage users.
One exception - after loading Fb onto Linux I puttied accross to get the
first SYSDBA password.