Subject hello : help req
Author hari_haraputhranv
hello every body

I am V.Hari new to this group,joined this group with hope of
getting more info about data warehousing.currently am doing a project
in systems at HOP technologies-chennai-India.
Topic : "Data warehousing as the line of business"

1.what is data warehousing and the related concepts
like data mart,data minning.

2.Who are the players and what are their products and
future plans.

3.Compatability of their products with the operating

4.Market for Data warehousing in india.

5.Requirement and future trends of Data warehousing.

6.How HOP Tech should position itself with respect to
data warehousing.

7.With which player HOP Tech should join hands to
explore the data warehousing market-give

can any one help me dealing with the current scenario.