Subject ANN: FBExport 1.40 released, featuring GUI version
Author Milan Babuskov
FBExport is Open Source command-line and GUI tool for exporting and
importing data with Firebird and InterBase databases. It is based on
IBPP C++ library, and runs on Windows and Linux

FBExport 1.40 introduces GUI version of the tool. It uses the same
engine and has same functionality, but it is more user-friendly. While
you may be using command-line version in batch scripts, you can use GUI
on your desktop as a data pump or for similar tasks (sending export of
some table to other people and similar). The GUI version is named
fbx-gui.exe and it is a standalone application, completely independent
of command-line version.

New features:
* GUI version
* Dialect 1 support
* FBExport shows which version of IBPP it is using
* No need to separate options from values anymore
for example you can write: -U sysdba or -Usysdba

More info and downloads at:

Milan Babuskov