Subject firebird-win32
Author kit_zeta_org_au2002
I'm new to Firebird (and Interbase) and I've just downloaded the
win32 version

I was reading through the release notes pdf for the installation
instructions and I find it has some missing information.

1. On page 37, it states "The installation of FB 1.5 is similiar in
principle to previous versions", but it doesn't say what those
principles are.

2. On page 37, it states "If you don't have a special setup program
(it's distributed separately)", but it doesn't say what the special
setup program is called and where it can obtained.

3. On page 37, there is a section titled "Installation of Classic
Server", but there is no description of that is and how it differs
from the non-Classic Server and under what circumstances should one
be installed in preference to another. Also, there is some mention
of "Superserver" and "the parent process for Classic". What do these

Can anyone help provide the missing information?