Subject IBUtils - new version of FREE IB/FB table links viewer
Author aleskahanek
I would like to announce new version of IBUtils - FREE IB/FB table
links viewer.
From now IBUtils is no longer a read only tool. On the basis of the
users requests I introduced creating table and foreign constraints,
see bellow.

New features
- New foreign key constraint can be created by several mouse clicks -
click on the "Create relation" tool button, then click on some field
of the first table, then click on some field of the second table and
a script is generated for you to create the relation. You can freely
modify this script to suit your needs and/or select the update or
delete rule for this constraint. There is also possibility to modify
the script template which is used as a basis for the resulting script
(see the "Create Relation" tabsheet).

- New table can be created by right mouse click on the model - menu
item "Create Table". A "Create Table" form is shown with a template
script. You can supply table name and primary key name a click
the "Create Script" button. Then modify the script or directly click
the "Run Script" button. The template contains several "macros" which
are processed during the script generation. You can modify the
template according your needs. The standard template supplied with
this application creates table with primary key and some timestamp
and user fields, some insert and update triggers, primary key
generator and some privileges. This approach is very usefull when you
want to have all tables with some "standard" fields, the triggers and
generators etc. named properly by the same naming convention.

- Every change to the database metadata (create/drop relation, create
table) can be logged into a file so your metadata changes are
reproduceable to another database. The desired filename can be
entered in the "Register Databases" dialog.

Bug fixes
- Models are now opened and refreshed sligthly faster.
- Custom nodes are now refreshed properly.
- Foreign key icons are now painted properly.
- When "Keys only" option was specified, all fields were shown. Now
only keys are displayed.

The application IBUtils is designed for simlifying database design
for Interbase and Firebird databases by showing the links between the
tables in your database visually, like some CASE tools do. Every
change to the tables in your database made by other tools can be
refreshed by one mouse click.

Ales Kahanek