Subject IBUtils - new version of FREE IB/FB table links viewer
Author aleskahanek
I would like to announce new version of IBUtils - FREE IB/FB table
viewer. It´s a long time from the last release date :-) . There is a
new version with some new features to just say to world that this
project is still alive.

24-Mar-2004 version

New features
- Create field menu item (in the table popup menu) - not very
comfortable, but can be handy when working with IBUtils - you do not
need to switch to another tool
- Drop field menu item
- Create relation by simply dragging one field onto another field -
"Create relation" dialog is then invoked to create a short script
for you

Bug fixes
- application raised exception when refreshing empty model

The application IBUtils is designed for simlifying database design for
Interbase and Firebird databases by showing the links between the
tables in
your database visually, like some CASE tools do. Every change to the
in your database made by other tools can be refreshed by one mouse

Ales Kahanek