Subject InterBase/FireBird Utilities released
Author EMS HiTech Team
EMS HiTech Company is pleased to announce the new products for
InterBase/FireBird Server data management.

These are IB Database Comparer - a powerful utility for comparing
InterBase/FireBird databases and discovering differences in their structure,
IB Query - a powerful utility for building and executing queries, IB
DataPump - a wizard application for converting ADO-compatible databases to
InterBase/FireBird, IB Data Generator - a powerful tool for test data
generation, IB Export - a powerful tool for InterBase/FireBird data export,
IB Import - a utility for quick importing data to InterBase/FireBird tables,
and IB Extract - metadata and data extraction tool.

The trial versions of all these products are available for download at:

Find the detailed descriptions and screenshots at:

We hope that this information was interesting to you, and that you'll like
our new products.

Best Regards,
EMS HiTech Team