Subject Re[4]: [firebird-tools] FbConfigMgr
Author Carlos H. Cantu
I just sent to Artur and Pitea (in private) the code with all the
changes I have done.

FireBase -

AA> Hi Helen/Carlos

AA> I will work it out with Pitea as soon as I received the updated files from
AA> Carlos (Carlos find out some memory leaks in it, so we must work on the
AA> actual files corrected by him).

AA> A FbConfigMgr is, in my oppinion, a "must have" for Windows users. A newbie
AA> working with windows expect some kind of gui to work with everything. The
AA> most valuable thing will be the comments. This will be a easy task to
AA> translate to other languages, so people will have a way to actually know
AA> what different parameters do, even if they don't have Release Notes
AA> translated on there own language.

AA> For Linux, I don't have that oppinion. For *nux environments, I think some
AA> web front end will be much better. Also, we can work in PHP modules that
AA> could be in the future integrated to a FirebirdAdmin web module.

AA> But Carlos already worked on the Kylix one, and I think we should put on the
AA> tree and expect more people to help improve it, on different *nuxes.

AA> Artur

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