Subject ANN: Database Workbench v2.1.5 released!
Author Martijn Tonies
Ladies, gentleman,

Upscene Productions is happy to announce the next
version of the popular InterBase & Firebird Workbench tools -
Database Workbench 2.1.5 has been released today!

Database Workbench gives you an easy-to-use application to create,
edit and extract your database objects, export tables, run scripts,
extract metadata, run ad-hoc SQL statements, print metadata, includes
a stored procedure debugger and much much more...

If you experience any problems with this new version, don't
hestitate and either go to the website and send a support email
or email directly to support@...

Version 2.1.5

New features:

- Added "New Name" templates to several editors, see Preferences, Name
Templates for more
- Added "short tab" feature to name templates

Database Navigator
- Added "Delete All Rows" to Table context menu

Table Editor
- Added "Delete All Rows" to "More Tools" menu

Grant Manager
- Users are fetched on a server level - not database level
- When adding users to a server the Grant Manager automatically adds them to
it's list (no need

to re-open the database connection, only valid when adding via Database

Create SUID Procedures
- Added optional "Insert/Update" procedure

Bug fixes and small enhancements:

Bugfix: Fixed an error with duplicating stored procedures
Bugfix: Fixed an error with auto-inc generators and it's displayed value for
Field Specials
Bugfix: Fixed an error that could cause an AV for auto-inc triggers for
Field Specials
Bugfix: Fixed an error auto-UPPER triggers for delimited object names in
Field Specials
Bugfix: Fixed an AV error with DWX imports that contain no data
Bugfix: Fixed an error with column descriptions and moving columns up/down
Bugfix: Fixed dialog "No Columns Selected" error in the Query Builder
Bugfix: Fixed repaint issue in the Query Builder when unlinking tables
Bugfix: Fixed the Role being ignored on "Connect As"
Bugfix: Fixed a bug with mixed-case domain names in the Table Editor
Bugfix: Fixed Test Data Generator error that wouldn't fill data for tables
with left-empty not
nullable columns
Bugfix: Fixed an error with the length of altered character domains
Bugfix: Fixed an error with not saving empty values in the Server
Registration dialog
Bugfix: Fixed an error with "Create SUID Procedures" that results in the
wrong datatype for

parameters in the UPDATE procedure
Bugfix: Fixed an error with "Create SUID Procedures" maximum procedure name
Bugfix: Fixed a table-filling order error when loading Test Data Generator
Bugfix: Fixed an error with saving empty name templates
Bugfix: Removed "disconnect" warning for editting NOT NULL/NULL for NEW
Bugfix: Fixed an error with name templates and the maximum length (for IB7)
Enhancement: Misc GUI improvements
Enhancement: Database Workbench uses "fbclient.dll" for Firebird if it
Enhancement: You cannot register a server that's already registered (for
same servertype)
Enhancement: Improved error reporting in the Test Data Generator
Enhancement: BLOB Editor shows blob-size
Enhancement: InterBase and Firebird databases are listed under the server
name in the drop down
boxes in the Data Pump

Thank you your support,

Martijn Tonies
Database Workbench - the database developer tool for professionals
Upscene Productions