Subject ANN: IBLMRedo v1.0.0.5 BETA has been released!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer BETA of IBLMRedo - The IBLM Roll-Forward Log
Utility, part of the IB LogManager product family, has been

This is a maintenance release and includes important bugfixes, so
if you have used the initial beta version, I highly recommend
upgrading to v1.0.0.5 BETA.

The IBLM product family includes:

- IB LogManager
A proven solution for integrating a logging/auditing mechanism into
your InterBase/Firebird database.

- IB LogManager Viewer
Same code base as IB LogManager, but without the capability to
change the logging schema.

- IBLMExport
A command line utility to export logged data into different formats.

- IBLMPump
A command line utility to pump/transfer logged data from the
production database into an external "transaction log" database
using the two phase commit (2PC) protocol.

- IBLMRedo
Roll-Forward Log Utility. Applies logs in an external "transaction log"
database on a workable operating system backup of your production

More information is available at

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer