Subject ANN: EMS IB Manager 3.3 released!
Author EMS HiTech Team
EMS HiTech company is very glad to announce IB Manager 3.3 -- the next
version of the best InterBase/FireBird administration and development tool!

You can download the latest version and user's guide from

What's new in version 3.3?

1. InterBase 7.0 BOOLEAN type is supported by IB Manager now.

2. Import Data Wizard: a possibility of defining the import mode was added.
Now you can define how the records from the source file must be imported to
the destination. Six modes of data import are available, which allow you to
add all records, add new records only, update or delete existing records in
various ways. (*)

3. Export Data Dialog: a possibility of customizing multi-file export was
added to HTML options. Now it is possible to set the maximal count of
records in single file, availability of index file and navigation options.

4. Visual Query Builder: a possibility of diagram saving/loading was added.
Now you can save the current diagram layout to external file for later use.

5. Page options were added to the PDF Options page of the Export Data
Dialog. A possibility to set page size, orientation and margins is available
for export to PDF format now. (*)

6. The "Autoconnect On Startup" option was added to the Database
Registration Info dialog.

7. If the Show Hosts option is enabled, databases are grouped by hosts now
in the database lists of all program tools, such as SQL Editor, Table Editor
and others.

8. New InterBase 7.0 TMP$ objects are also marked as system now.

9. Fixed bug with impossibility of editing parameters and variables values
of CHAR and VARCHAR types in the Stored Procedure Debug window.

10. Fixed bug with multiplying of VARCHAR domain size by 3 in the Domain
Editor if the UNICODE_FSS character set was specified.

11. Fixed bug with the DDL improperly generated for multiple keys

12. Now it is possible to check/uncheck fields in the list when creating
view or procedure for a table from table editor.

13. Fixed bug with conversion exception raised in the Stored Procedure Debug
window for DATE parameters if system date format is different from InterBase

14. Fixed bug with impossibility of setting the Underline option for a font
on the Color tab of the Editor Options dialog.

15. Fixed bug with improper displaying of the CHECK expression in Domain

16. Fixed bug with generating field descriptions in the HTML Report.

17. Fixed bug with displaying system objects in the SQL Assistant if they
are in separated node.

18. Compare SQL Scripts: fixed bug in ALTER TRIGGER syntax. Also if two
tables have different primary keys, the DROP statement will be generated for
the current primary key of target table before the CREATE one.

19. Some minor corrections and improvements.

(*) -- Professional Edition only

What is IB Manager?

EMS IB Manager provides effective and powerful tools for InterBase/FireBird
administration. It helps to create/ edit all database objects, search in
metadata, extract metadata, print metadata, import data and export it into
as many as 14 most popular formats. IB Manager also includes Database
Designer, SP Debugger, SQL Editor, Visual Query Builder, Grant Manager, User
Manager, HTML Report Generator, BLOB Viewer/Editor, Graphical Plan Analyzer,
SQL Script processor, Report Designer, Third-Party plugins support and many
more other features.

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We hope you'll like our products.
Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards,
EMS HiTech Team